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Model 703D-250VC Illuminance Meter:

             Dual Range: 0-50.0 and 0-250 footcandles                                                

                Calibrated Accuracy: 羚nt> 2% to NIST standards up to 500 fc

                Spectral Response: Photopic (568 nm peak)

                Viscor羚nt> glass filters and Photronic?nt face="Arial">detector cell

                Cosine corrected for side illumination

                Hold Reading function on both ranges

                Rugged extruded aluminum housing (3.1"W x 6"L x 1.28"H)

                Power: 9 volt battery - Type 216, 1222, 1604 or equivalent

                Cordura Laminate Carrying Case:  specify 700CCC

Model HTM-1 Optical Transmission Meter:

                Optical Transmission Range:  0 - 100% (Note: Opacity is the inverse)                                                        

                Resolution:  1% (0.2% available by interpolation)

                Linearity:  0.5%

                Source Lamp: Halogen, 10 Watts at 12VDC input, 2950?ont face="Arial">K

                Detector: Photronic毮t face="Arial"> cell with Viscor?ont face="Arial">glass filters

                Spectral (Color) Response: Photopic (CIE human eye, 568 nm peak)

                Display:  LCD, 0.3" high numerals

                Maximum Sample Thickness:  .065" Standard Gap

                Anodized aluminum housing (3.1"W x 4"H x 7"D)

                Input Power to Regulated Power Supply:  120VAC, 0.15A

Model 1600 Automated Somerville Slotted Screen Analyzer:

                Click on the photograph for product information on

                this website.                                                  







Model 703D-LV Luminance Meter: (for testing lamp output in Radiographic Projectors for aircraft & aerospace parts)

                    Hold Reading function on both ranges with slide-switch

                    Detector: Photronic?nt face="Arial">cell

                    Filters: Viscor?nt face="Arial">glass filters with Inconel coating

                    Spectral Response: Photopic (CIE human eye, 568 nm peak)

                    Target Aperture on "snoot": 0.5 inches diameter

                    Display:  LCD, 4羚nt> digit, 0.3" high numerals

                    Anodized aluminum housing: 3.1"W x 6"L x 1.28"H with

                           1.875" dia. x 0.65" high polyacetal snoot on target side

                    Power: 9 volt battery - Type 216, 1222, 1604 or equivalent

                    Ranges: 0-5,000 and 0-50,000 footlamberts (specials available)

                    Calibration: to NIST reference and transfer standards